Fusion Cross

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A new age of Kuvertiertechnologie has begun.The Fusion Cross will revolutionize your mailroom. No other system is so flexible, processed such a large range of envelope formats and filling thickness and is so fast, gentle cleaning and reliable.An intuitive inserting system for all requirements - and to a high level of performance.Fusion Cross distinguishes itself by a processing speed of up to 16,000 insertions per hour at C4 and up to 22,000 in sizes up to B5.

The Flow-Principle – the discovery of slowness

With the “Flow-Principle” BÖWE SYSTEC has introduced a completely new approach to inserting, letting the whole production process flow smoothly. Even at the highest speeds this ground-breaking new inserting principle ensures especially reliable processing which is also gentle on material and machine. The required integrity is ensured by intelligent system control and monitoring on the one hand and continuous document tracking throughout the production process via the link to our powerful software on the other.

The perfect fold at maximum speed

BÖWE SYSTEC offers a variety of folding units that allow Fusion Cross to achieve precise folding results, even at top speed. Equipped with powerful modules with either two or four folding pockets, it is able to fold up to eight or up to 16 sheets at a time. Whether Z, C, single or double parallel fold, Fusion Cross has the right solution for every application.

A high-performance inserting system for all applications

Due to the uncompromising performance characteristics, the revolutionary inserting principle as well as the exceptional enclosure flexibility, Fusion Cross combines all requirements crucial to the success of modern mailrooms. Fusion Cross encompasses nearly every application in postal and service centers, covers nearly all applications and offers quantifiable production – regardless of the size of the mailroom and number of systems.

Universal modularity throughout the inserting processes

Fusion Cross offers an highly flexible document input, multiple options for ideal processing of both enclosures and envelopes as well as various opportunities for optimal post-processing.

BÖWE Cockpit – smart man-machine-interface

Thanks to a completely new user interface the Fusion Cross can be operated easily and intuitively. State-of-the-art touchscreen displays assist user guidance with a new type of position control: They are self-orientating which enables the operator to see any information that may be necessary from the machine component he is currently working on. An interactive help function assists in set-up and troubleshooting. The standard BÖWE Cockpit for Fusion Cross consists of three apps: System Operation, Recipe and Report.

Cutting edge infeed technologies provide maximum performance

The sophisticated document input of Fusion Cross makes this system a powerful partner in the high-performance segment. Infeed channels in various performance classes for cut-sheet and continuous processing meet the most diverse requirements in the mailroom and ensure maximum efficiency. For continuous processing, Fusion Cross again makes use of the Flow-Principle: The integrated turning unit rotates the documents by 90 ° clockwise or counter clockwise if necessary without stopping, enabling the processing of C4, Flats or Stretch applications while retaining the same high speed. C4, Flats or Stretch applications can now be processed from the same infeed channel as applications in DL or #10 format.

High enclosure flexibility for highest possible investment protection

The open device carrier concept of Fusion Cross collating track permits not only the simple change between varying enclosure feeders but also retrofitting to accommodate changing requirements. The feeders can be freely positioned and beyond that, devices for special applications or cameras can be easily integrated.

The broadest spectrum of formats in the high-performance segment

No other high-performance inserting system is as flexible and processes as broad a spectrum of envelope formats as Fusion Cross. This revolutionary system is able to handle both small formats like B6+ or #7 3/4, as well as large formats like C4, B4 or Flats without any difficulty. Even at high speeds, Fusion Cross is therefore able to meet all the diverse requirements of a mailroom perfectly. Quick set-up times and easy switching between different formats round off the Fusion Cross portfolio.

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