Vario Silverlight

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Stable production at an unbeatable price: Vario Silverlight delivers on both counts. Four powerful standard versions with a modern, compact design make Vario Silverlight the ideal entry-level machine for the mid-performance segment. With a throughput of up to 8,200 envelopes per hour, it processes the most diverse applications securely and reliably – offering a particularly high level of flexibility in enclosure processing.

Secure processing and maximum integrity

Depending on the material, Vario Silverlight can be configured with four different infeed channels to process applications reliably and securely. With an infinitely variable speed control, Vario Silverlight processes the widest variety of materials at a throughput of up to 8,200 envelopes per hour and with a filling thickness of up to 10 mm. State-of-the-art reading technologies and continuous material tracking ensure maximum security throughout the whole inserting process.

Maximum flexibility in enclosure processing

Despite its compact design, Vario Silverlight can handle a diverse range of applications. Four different enclosure feeders enable the processing of various materials with thicknesses up to 10 mm.

Powerful standard versions for high demands

Depending on the application, Vario Silverlight is available with four different infeed channels. In addition, the standard configuration of this inserting system comes with two enclosure feeders, a diverting module, the Vario series inserting module as well as the corresponding envelope feeding and stacking components.

Configuration V:

Equipped with standard components of the proven Vario inserting system, Vario Silverlight offers the greatest possible reliability with maximum integrity.

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