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Al Hilal Electronic Printing Co. Ltd is a 100% Saudi owned Limited Liability Company, Founded in 1975, the Company began ascertaining itself as a serious provider of printed products to financial institutions, utilities, hospitals and governments.

The equity ownership of Al Hilal is as follow:

The general manager is Mr. Jamil Hussein Badran.

Since then Al Hilal has followed the trend of the market evolving around the Security printing of cheques and cheque books, and providing added value products around the Document Management Solutions, such as Print and Mail of digitally generated documents for the Financial institutions, Utility Companies, and Telecom Operators.

Our awareness about the importance of the SIM cards applications for the telecommunication market, the financial and the ID markets, along with our representation of 2 big global German players in this area: Böwe Systec and Atlantic Zeiser, allowed us to provide successful solutions for The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) evolving around the Chip technology and its GSM applications.

Our Head Office and the Factory Located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, we cover the major markets of the country by supplying our products and services to the Eastern, Central and Western provinces through 3 major Branches located in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. An addition to the family was the newly located office in Bahrain for supplying Bahrain with our products and services.

Our IT department is established to control the company’s operation spread all over the above 3 provinces and Bahrain, allowing also our major clients (e.g. The local Banks) to acquire an on-line follow up of their orders. The need for technical support to the large installed base of Mail Inserting and SIM Cards personalization and packaging equipment, led Al Hilal to invest in a highly qualified technical and maintenance team which counts more than 30 highly qualified engineers and technicians specialized in software, mechanics, electrical and electronics, and certified by Atlantic Zeiser the manufacturers of SIM cards personalization equipment in hardware and software, and Böwe Systec the manufacturers of mail inserting equipment.

Al Hilal invests also in a substantial amount of original spare parts and consumable parts stored in its warehouses in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah, to provide the best response time for the corrective and the preventive maintenance, a commitment to never exceed a 1% down time of any machine within all installed base of equipment over the Saudi Arabian territories

Strength, Reliability and Flexibility

VAT Registration Certificate

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